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IFS Promises Simplicity, Affordability, and Speed to value with Enterprise-wide Workflow Management with Latest IFS Assyst Release

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, has announced the launch of  IFS assyst 11.4.

This latest update is set to deliver the ability for companies to adopt and deploy workflow technology more broadly within their business. A single pricing model, as well as a simplified deployment model, will ensure business value is delivered within weeks of adoption. 

IFS assyst 11.4 will also deliver a considerable set of new capabilities to help organisations standardise, improve, and automate service management workflows simply and effectively. In this first release since IFS acquired Axios Systems in June 2021, the vendor marks a key milestone in its mission to deliver innovation and customer value to all its customers regardless of size.

With the new release IFS vows to simplify pricing, licensing, and deployment to keep to its promise to deliver value and great experience

As the digital imperative accelerates and becomes the backbone of business transformation, companies need to deliver rich customer and employee experiences. By extending the benefits of IT Service Management (ITSM) to the wider enterprise thus evolving into Enterprise Service Management, IFS assyst 11.4 focuses on secure and automated self-service, putting the employee experience at the heart of any digital transformation strategy from IT, HR, and finance, to facilities and beyond.  

“Digitising processes and building effectiveness through workflows is a fundamental pillar of any company’s  digital transformation journey. Achieving this across the entire enterprise has until now been complex and expensive, and therefore limited to the IT function,” said Martin Schirmer, President, IFS assyst. “With assyst 11.4, we have tackled some fundamental roadblocks from pricing, to contracting, and deployment – all of which will make it simpler and faster for an organisation to scale up in the roll out of the technology.”

With this release, assyst has extended the omnichannel experience, advancing its chatbot and providing a mobile app for self-service. This means that employees can get access to the help they need wherever they are working, allowing them to focus on more complex or pressing priorities.

Key capabilities of IFS assyst 11.4 include: 

  • Over 100 predefined service workflows for improved time to value
  • Low code approach to defining & maintaining service workflows
  • A consumer-standard user-interface, intuitive, and easy to navigate 
  • Simple cost-effective pricing for easy enterprise-wide deployment
  • Integration with collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams

“The release of IFS assyst 11.4 is the result of an incredible amount of hard work and investment from the IFS team over a short space of time,” continued Schirmer. “IFS is customer obsessed and with this release we are staying true to our north star, bringing enhanced service capabilities to companies anytime, anywhere.”

IFS assyst 11.4 is available immediately globally for customers to purchase. To learn more, please visit: https://info.axiossystems.com/assyst-11.4-broadcast 

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