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ServiceMax Launches DataGuide to Provide Integrated Data Capture and Report Generation Capabilities to Technicians in the Field

ServiceMax announced the release of DataGuide, a new product integrated into the ServiceMax Core platform that provides advanced forms and report generation capabilities.

ServiceMax, a leader in asset-centric field service management, announced the release of DataGuide, a new product integrated into the ServiceMax Core platform that provides advanced forms and report generation capabilities.

Through DataGuide, field technicians have a more seamless path to complete service work, fill in complex work documents and forms, and capture critical data for the organization. Along with DataGuide, ServiceMax has released new enhancements to ServiceMax Core’s installed base management, condition-based maintenance, schedule optimization, and field inventory management capabilities to further boost service productivity and efficiency.

“Organizations today know that to truly transform, they need readily available asset-centric data sets, which are most often captured by technicians in the field,” said Joseph June, SVP of Product Management at ServiceMax. “Yet research shows that the majority of business leaders don’t trust the data they have available to make critical decisions, and technicians are frustrated with the complexity of the tools used to capture data. While point solutions exist for data collection purposes, DataGuide is unique in that it is natively integrated within a robust platform, enabling relevant information to be surfaced for technicians in the field and allowing for effective data collection.”

DataGuide Features and Functionality

DataGuide includes various features that increase technician productivity, decrease administrative work, reduce form errors, and speed up time to invoice. Key features include:

  • Advanced Forms: The What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) form designer makes it easy to build complex forms that include multiple question types and branching logic. Form management and administrative tools allow users to ensure version control and access to the right forms by the right users.
  • Report Generation: The WYSIWYG report template designer allows users to quickly build reports that pull data from both DataGuide form submissions and existing ServiceMax records. Reports can be generated online or offline and include signature capture.
  • Integration with ServiceMax Data and Seamless Access in ServiceMax Go: Organizations can incorporate ServiceMax data into form variables and use it for logic, validation, and mapping. When forms are submitted, automated follow-up actions ensure ServiceMax data is updated, and proper next steps are taken. All DataGuide forms and reports are also available for technicians in the ServiceMax Go app. Teams can use the Service Flow Manager Wizard in ServiceMax Go to easily configure DataGuide forms and reports for both online and offline use.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve expanded from one product line to three,” said Amit Jain, Chief Product Officer at ServiceMax. “The introduction of DataGuide is another example of our portfolio strategy at work, where we are taking the functionality of one product line and adding it to another to create a seamless experience for our customers. Users today don’t want to jump between multiple apps, and as we continue to innovate across our product portfolio, deeply integrating our applications is a key strategy.”

Data capture and analysis is critical to the success of service leaders but also vital in helping them drive their businesses towards outcome-based models and equipment-as-a-service. DataGuide not only provides capture and analysis capabilities but also creates significant productivity benefits, improves compliance, and allows service leaders to become more proactive in the outcomes they deliver to their customers.

Click here to learn more about DataGuide and the latest innovations on the ServiceMax Core platform.

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