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Totalmobile Launches Field Service Intelligence Solution Allowing Customers to Review Operational Performance as Services Take Place

Insight from Totalmobile provides users with access to real-time operational data and predictive intelligence to optimise workforce planning and service delivery

Totalmobile, a leading Field Service Management Software (FSM) company, today announced the launch of Insight, a new field service intelligence solution that enables organisations to gather and review data from services as they are taking place.

The product is able to highlight risks and enable users to react to changes in real time to ensure the effective delivery of services. 

Insight provides Totalmobile with a complete field service intelligence capability that joins their comprehensive suite of field service management solutions, covering areas such as mobile working, scheduling, workforce rostering, lone worker protection and job management.

Real-Time intelligence based on workforce data

Easy access to real time operational data, as it is being generated by the teams undertaking services in the field, will enable faster, more informed decision making for safer and more efficient services. Early adopters of the tech include facilities management, property, healthcare and large field service based organisations.

Initial customers include Baxi Heating, Konica Minolta, and Computacenter. Insight is helping them to gain a greater understanding of the status of ongoing work and make changes to ongoing operations to ensure the compliance and quality of services.

Chris Riley, Head of Sales Operations for Baxi said: “We will be able to delve into data for compliance needs and truly analyse whether we are delivering on the promises we make to our customers every day. The system interface is so easy to use that no in-depth training is needed. From our initial roll out in the UK we can already tell that it improves our day to day decision making and forecasting. Essentially it helps structure where the business is going.”

Historical and AI predictive performance intelligence

Insight also provides detailed overviews of historical service performance, as well as artificial intelligence-led predictive intelligence that highlights areas for address to drive improvements in future service. With the ability to gain a full understanding of past, present and future service performance, users are provided with a complete field service intelligence solution that gives extensive visibility and understanding of all aspects of service delivery.

Management of operational business and labour costs

As field service organisations face increasing pressures through the rises in operational costs, labour shortages and greater customer expectations, there is a growing need to ensure value at all stages of the service delivery process. Insight provides the ability to access real-time service data and react with timely decisions that impact ongoing and planned services, enabling providers to ensure compliance with SLAs, enhance operational efficiency and drive improvements in customer satisfaction. 

Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile, commented, “Any organisation that has a large field-based workforce understands the challenge of staying in control of present-day service delivery. With unforeseen changes to the day, such as sickness, traffic and jobs overrunning, even the best of plans quickly become obsolete. However, currently organisations only uncover this as they review historical performance. At this stage, it’s too late to do anything about it and often SLAs have been missed and capacity has almost certainly been wasted.

“Combining predictive intelligence with detailed historical data and guidance to optimise the delivery of future services means that users have access to a comprehensive field service intelligence solution that empowers them to continuously improve, even in the most challenging of operational environments.”

For more information visit: https://www.totalmobile.co.uk/software/insight/