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World’s First Industrial Safety Manifesto to Launch in wake of Global Consensus to Pioneer a Safer World Enabled By Technology

Industrial Safety Manifesto offers a blueprint for industry, government, and civil society to tackle the global industrial safety challenge that causes three million deaths annually and an estimated loss of 3.9% of worldwide GDP.

Launched as a partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS), in collaboration with Cambridge University’s Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (CIIP), Global Initiative for Industrial Safety (GIFIS) has brought together industry leaders from across the world to develop the first-ever Industrial Safety Manifesto, representing a multi-disciplinary consensus on pioneering a safer world through the safe adoption of technology.

Set to be launched at the inaugural US edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS America) on September 29, 2022, in the city of Pittsburgh, the Industrial Safety Manifesto offers a blueprint for industry, government, and civil society to solve the global industrial safety challenge. The International Labour Organization estimates that, globally, around three million deaths each year are directly attributed to inadequate safety measures and hazardous work environments, with – according to UNIDO – a loss of 3.9% of worldwide GDP.

In a collaboration between UNIDO, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit, the Industrial Safety Manifesto will set out guiding principles for the safe adoption of new technologies and the rapid deployment of technologyenabled safety solution.

The Global Initiative for Industrial Safety hosted two virtual workshops with key industry stakeholders to identify and prioritise the principles underpinning the manifesto. The first workshop on September 6 was attended by more than 20 industry experts, predominantly from the private sector, while the second workshop on September 22 was hosted by UNIDO.

Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento, Director, Division of Fair Production, Sustainability Standards and Trade, UNIDO, said: “Industrial safety gaps can cause significant hazards, both on a human and financial level, and in the ever-changing landscape in which we operate, there is an essential need for the policy solutions proposed by the Industrial Safety Manifesto.”

As industries adopt new technologies, new safety risks are emerging: robots interacting with humans can lead to new types of accidents; industrial processes connected to the internet are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks; and continuous worker supervision can lead to negative stress-related health impacts. However, while technology involves new challenges, it is also enabling new solutions. We hope to be able to harness these in realising a vision of a safer world enabled by technology.”

There were several key takeaways from the first workshop, which included senior representatives from the International Labour Organization, British Standards Institution (BSI), Rostechnadzor, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, National Safety Council, Cranfield University, Kaspersky, Etihad Rail, Sanad, and Strata: safety practices must be adopted by both the business as well as its employees; international organisations must ensure that their supply chains are upholding safety measures; automation can be deployed while prioritising the safety of its workers; the development of safety policies must be easily adaptable to operating procedures; and tech-focused SMEs need to participate in shaping a safer workplace.

Dr. Ruth Boumphrey, Chief Executive of Lloyd’s Register Foundation, added: “Emerging technologies in industrial settings pose new risks to safety which need to be understood and managed, but they also offer fantastic opportunities to improve the safety of workers and others.    By developing this Industrial Safety Manifesto we are providing a set of commitments for responsible businesses around the world to unite behind, reinforcing our shared commitment to make industrial safety a top priority.”

The Industrial Safety Manifesto will be launched at the inaugural edition of GMIS America, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from September 28-30, 2022. With a particular focus on advancing industrial safety, GMIS America sessions will spotlight how new technologies redefine industrial safety. The roadshow will also feature a dedicated session titled ‘Navigating industrial safety in the smart era: Intelligent solutions for the digital age’ on September 29, examining topics including ensuring the use of new technologies does not lead to new safety risks and how to accelerate the adoption of new technologyenabled solutions to address old safety challenges. In addition, safety experts from Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the University of Cambridge, the UNIDO, and Pittsburgh-based Industrial Scientific will highlight the immediate actions needed to address new and deep-rooted industrial safety challenges.

Namir Hourani, Managing Director of the GMIS Organising Committee, said: “With the launch of the Industrial Safety Manifesto at GMIS America, we will unite stakeholders across multiple disciplines to deliver a safer workplace, ushering in a new era of industrial safety. We aim to tackle new and deep-rooted industrial safety challenges through the right deployment of 4IR technologies, bridge the gaps in safety-related knowledge and awareness, tackle issues of transparency and openness in the industrial landscape, and gather new safety insights for business leaders and policy-makers. Immediate actions are required to address global industrial safety challenges, which are being rapidly catalysed by our work to gather expert knowledge and insight from the finest minds in industry from across the globe.”

The Global Initiative for Industrial Safety is an initiative launched in partnership between the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS), UNIDO, and Lloyd’s Register Foundation. It is a global platform gathering new safety insights for businesses and policymakers to bridge gaps in safety-related knowledge and tackle new safety challenges created by emerging technologies. With the aim to support the safe adoption of new technologies and accelerate the deployment of technologyenabled safety solutions in the industry, the initiative will run multiple programmes and streams to enable a global movement dedicated to making the industry safer for all.

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