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Zinier and FLS Announce Partnership to Provide Field Service Industry with Enhanced Scheduling and Real-Time Resource Optimization

Zinier and FLS – FAST LEAN SMART announce a new partnership to enhance Zinier’s field service automation platform.

Zinier and FLS – FAST LEAN SMART today announced that the companies had formed a partnership to develop solutions based on the full integration of the field service management technologies developed by the two companies.

The Zinier platform was created to provide field service operations with a new generation of solutions that can be implemented and updated quickly to provide customers with an easily customized platform for automating and optimizing an end-to-end field service solution. FLS’ flagship product, FLS VISITOUR, is recognized as a best-in-class appointment booking and scheduling, and route optimization solution. Like the Zinier platform, FLS VISITOUR is highly configurable and changes can be implemented in an agile manner.

The combination of these technologies offers field service organizations the benefits of a modern no-code/low-code AI-driven field service platform with a proven world-class technology that delivers real-time schedule optimization at scale.

Many of Zinier’s customers are in rapidly growing industries, such as installing and maintaining complex fiber broadband infrastructure, which often entails a critical need for managing and updating complex scheduling in real time. The Zinier platform includes a suite of ready-to-use productivity applications and a no-code development environment for configuring and updating applications and workflows.

FLS develops process optimization solutions for field service providers and similar organizations for which scheduling and related functionality is an integral part of their day-to-day operations. In addition to its sophisticated scheduling expertise, the company’s solutions are designed to ensure robust security and sustainable IT infrastructure that supports its customers’ ESG policies.

In partnership, the two companies will:

  • Jointly develop solutions for leading companies that create and maintain infrastructure in telecommunications and other industries
  • Ensure that the two companies’ product roadmaps are aligned to ensure complete and seamless integration
  • Identify and develop new functionality that emerges from the combination of the two companies’ products
  • Work together to provide end-to-end support to ensure customer success in deploying, monitoring, and expanding those solutions
  • Collaborate on sales and marketing initiatives

Zinier’s CEO Prateek Chakravarty noted that “After working with FLS on several projects for large and complex telecommunications providers, we’re delighted to formalize our excellent working relationship. This partnership will offer huge benefits for our customers, in terms of additional functionality and accelerating time to value.”

FLS UK Managing Director Jeremy Squire added that “Our two companies have the same objective of supporting the companies building and maintaining the infrastructure of tomorrow, and our expertise and resources complement one another. Working together even more closely will result in faster and better outcomes for our customers.”

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