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Critical trends in the telecommunications industry

To understand the issues impacting the telecommunications industry, we begin with an examination of key trends which make these outcome-based service models possible.

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Service Intelligence is the Future of Field Service

Service Intelligence is the future of field service and it’s the best way organizations can make laser-focused business decisions.

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Field service engineers are becoming an increasingly scarce resource

While embracing new technologies such as AR and AI to drive productivity is desirable, the reality is that in the shadow of a very real ageing workforce crisis, doing so may be a matter of survival for many field service organisations…

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Overcoming the workforce shortage crisis with Artificial Intelligence

Overcoming the workforce shortage crisis with Artificial Intelligence The workforce shortage crisis is set to hurt companies of all sizes, in all verticals in the field service sector. However you can overcome these challenges through the use of tools such as AI… Course Description:   We have been discussing a potential ageing...

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Our industry will only become more data driven and we need Artificial Intelligence to make it work

With the exponential rise of data across almost all aspects of business, we are on the cusp of true industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is no longer a vision of the future but is today’s reality. However, without AI, many organisations are set to drown in their own data lakes and oceans…

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The Service Leader’s Recession Playbook: How to Accelerate Your Organization’s Efficiency (2022)

Download the Service Leader’s Recession Playbook by Aquant, available at Field Service News and learn how to accelerate your organization’s efficiency.

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A Robotic Future: How to Choose an FSM AI Solution That Actually Works

Benjamin Fielding, Research Editor at CompareSoft, discusses how field service organisations can choose the right AI solution that’s most suitable for their operations.

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White Paper: CTRL-ALT-DELETE – time to reboot field service? (2022)

White Paper: CTRL ALT DELETE – Time to reboot field service? As field service arrives in a new era the move away from legacy systems is becoming essential… In many ways, much of what is shaping field service today has been evolving for over a decade. The importance of technologies such as Augmented Reality, The …...

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Three reasons why an AI investment will help reduce service costs

Learn how investing in Artificial Intelligence tools will help your organization manage costs and improve service.

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What First Time Fix Rate Can’t Tell You About Service Performance

First time fix (FTF) is a standard KPI among service teams, but relying on FTF alone creates blindspots for service leaders.

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