Written by 6:00 am FSM Technology, Service Operations

Courier company set to improve field service staff productivity by 30%

DA Systems, a UK provider of mobile data and transport management solutions for the transport, retail, healthcare and field service sectors, is pleased to announce that north-west courier company City Connect Couriers, (CCC) has purchased its sameday courier software, ACI (Advanced Courier Interface).

As competition within the sameday courier market increases, CCC differentiates itself from competitors by providing a superb customer service to local businesses, which now includes end-to-end, real-time traceability of all consignments through to delivery.

By implementing ACI, the solution will oversee every single stage of the process of delivering a package, from the moment it is booked and marked for despatch, to its arrival at the front door of a recipient. In addition, the solution is set to improve productivity levels amongst controllers and drivers by 30 per cent, which will result in significant operational benefits for CCC. The solution is due to go live on 1 November 2013.

Once the delivery is in operation and a vehicle has left the depot, ACI allows controllers and drivers to access real-time information regarding the progress made, with an updated estimated time of arrival. This can be passed onto CCC’s customers in some cases, helping to keep them fully up-to-date with the delivery process. Another key feature of interest to CCC was electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), which is used to record the exact time and location of all completed drops. Finally, the ability to track vehicles will provide CCC with complete visibility of their fleet and drivers at all times.

Paula Hancock, Director at CCC says: “ACI is one of the most advanced technology solutions for couriers and in a short space of time we will gain a lot of benefits from our investment in it. Advantages we are looking to achieve include maintaining better control over deliveries, enhancing customer service, improving response times and reducing errors from processes.”

David Upton, Managing Director at DA Systems added: “With ACI, delivery specialists are able to build a competitive advantage thanks to the software’s ability to calculate the best routes for drivers to take and allocate certain drops to particular vans. Combined, all of this makes the process as smooth as possible and allows each driver to maximise the number of deliveries made per shift.”