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IFS helps deliver at the Moment of Service this Christmas

IFS reveals the biggest brand win in history, as they are announced as the official Field Service vendors for Father Christmas and his well-known global business, Claus Corp.

In March 2022, Claus Corp came to the monumental realization that their current processes and manual systems were no longer able to effectively manage the size and scale of Christmas.

Demand over the last few years has gotten so high that Christmas is too big for Santa and the elves to manage without technology to help them deliver a seamless service.

Claus Corp selected IFS Cloud and its breadth of functionality to allow Santa to make the best use of his time, become more efficient and increase productivity across the grotto. Without a shift in the way they operate, the business was looking at a projected loss of 15%, meaning late gift arrivals, faulty toy distribution and other significant errors that would impact billions of people around the world.

Santa comments “IFS Cloud provides me with a single composable platform that can scale with the needs and demands of Clause Corp year after year. This certainly makes life easier for me and the elves, we’re normally running things from scrolls and leather-bound books. Now, I can combine service management alongside asset management and core ERP functions, meaning I can manage my service team, supply chain and production all in one place. This makes life a whole lot easier, especially in those stressful months leading up to my biggest day of the year, we’ve simply never been so productive!”

Santa continues “The world is a big place you know, and each year I visit more and more children, meaning my route is never the same. It’s vital to have an optimized journey for myself and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. IFS planning and scheduling software means I can schedule and group locations through AI powered optimization that ensures I am in the right part of the world, with the right present, at the right time. Plus, on the night you never know what I might run into – if a storm were to break over the Pacific, now my sleigh will be re-directed to the safest, quickest alternative route.”

With this new software, Santa, his reindeer, and his elves are projected to increase the rate at which they deliver presents by 33% and a 21% reduction in travel time – which means more presents to more people in less time than ever before. And it’s not just this year that will benefit! Machine Learning continuously improves planning, so next year Santa will be even more productive and continue to efficiently scale to higher delivery volumes and demand.

Marne Martin, President of Service Management at IFS commented “By embarking on this digital transformation journey with Claus Corp, we will be impacting billions of people across the world and truly showcasing the capabilities of our Field Service Management platform. With growing demand, increased customer expectations and a global roll-out, this is the perfect example of how IFS is helping organizations deliver when it really matters – at the Moment of Service.”

If you want to know more about the IFS partnership and how they will be helping deliver at the moment of service this Christmas, please visit: https://info.ifs.com/SERChristmas2022.html