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Syncron Co-Founder Tony Abouzolof to Deliver Keynote on Aftermarket Success for Auto Manufacturers at Dubai 2020 Expo

Syncron today announced that its co-founder and vice president of strategic accounts, Tony Aboulozof, will deliver a keynote presentation entitled “The Transition to Mobility – Service as a Strategic Imperative” at Accenture Exchange within Expo 2020 Dubai on March 8, 2022.

Selected for his depth of expertise around aftermarket operations globally, Tony for the past several years has been focusing specifically on concerns of manufacturers and distributors in the Middle East. During the keynote, Abouzolof will share how Middle East manufacturers are well-positioned to leverage technology to create more resilient, competitive, and profitable businesses by offering differentiated aftermarket customer experiences.

To meet growing consumer and market demands, automobile manufacturers are evolving from the business of simply making and selling vehicles to providing services that exceed customer expectations and future proof their business. Through its deep expertise and industry-leading, cloud-based solutions, Syncron serves as a partner to the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors as they transition to service-driven business models and provide customers with exceptional aftermarket service delivery.

“We’re excited about the continued uptake of Syncron technology in the Middle East and are committed to partnering with leaders like Accenture to accelerate automotive innovation in the region. With both the automobile industry and the UAE at the forefront of innovation that’s transforming the way the world approaches mobility, this is an especially exciting platform to share how manufacturers and their dealers can get ahead of customer expectations and their competition,” said Tony Abouzolof, Syncron.

Located in the Partners Hub at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Accenture Exchange is an immersive environment that showcases Accenture’s innovative technology demos in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud, quantum computing, machine learning, and emerging technology. The space gives Accenture clients and partners access to special events, demos, talent experiences, workshops, live streams, collaboration opportunities, and partner showcases.

The in-person only keynote presentation will take place at 10:40 a.m., UAE time, on March 8 in the Accenture Exchange at Expo 2020 Dubai. For those in other locations and/or who cannot attend the event, please reach out to info@syncron.com to request a recording of this keynote session.

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