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Syncron’s New Field Service Technician Enablement Initiative Focuses on Success for the Global Workforce

By equipping technicians with a secure, intuitive, and interactive troubleshooting platform, the Syncron technician enablement solutions empower field teams and contractors, improve productivity and sustainability, and enable long-term planning.

Syncron announced a new field service initiative, driven by their technician enablement solutions, Syncron Parts Catalog and Syncron Service Knowledge.

Together, these components provide an on-demand, comprehensive knowledge base and troubleshooting platform that empowers field service technicians for increased productivity, reduced attrition rates, and an optimal customer experience.

Syncron Parts Catalog enhances on-site troubleshooting with a visual, interactive view of an exploded assembly that associates relevant knowledge materials. It streamlines parts ordering through intelligent recommendations that align with inventory planning strategies. Syncron Service Knowledge accelerates and simplifies service delivery by helping technicians troubleshoot, search, and order service parts. Intuitive search capabilities through interactive visual representations of assets in the field improve productivity and first-time fix rates while reducing service costs.

“Service organizations today are caught in the vicious cycle of a retiring workforce, difficulties attracting new talent, and high attrition rates,” said Ashok Kartham, chief product officer, Syncron. “These technician enablement solutions break this cycle and ensure the success of their technicians in the field.”

Without the right tools and support in place for field technicians to troubleshoot issues and ensure complex assets are operational and well-maintained, service organizations risk increased repair and maintenance costs, longer repair times, high attrition rates, and negative customer experiences. With a streamlined, on-demand solution that empowers field teams for success, service organizations can see improved margins, increased customer satisfaction, and strengthened brand reputation.

“The new service economy has brought challenges and margin pressure to many businesses,” said Dr. Friedrich Neumeyer, chief executive officer, Syncron. “Our customers have partnered with Syncron to implement solutions that are inherently deflationary by taking cost out of the service lifecycle.”

Syncron Parts Catalog and Syncron Service Knowledge support large-scale digital transformations. One global initiative currently in process will service over 20,000 technicians and 600 internal users securely deliver over 75,000 searchable documents on and offline; and provide complex data migrations and integrations of over 1,000 bills of materials (BOMs) and catalogs.

Syncron Parts Catalog and Syncron Service Knowledge benefits include:

Improved margins through reduced technician enablement costs
Higher customer satisfaction and positive brand reputation
Accelerated time-to-value within existing service management platform investments
Increased sustainability
Minimized legal liability with guaranteed access to parts and troubleshooting resources
Lower attrition rates and higher employee satisfaction
An established framework to promote data quality

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