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Is the experience of pressure in the field key to what makes a great remote service specialist?

Martin McLean outlines how the experience of working in the high pressure environment on-site with the customer is a critical part of what makes an effective remote service engineer.

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Can we train remote technicians if they have never worked within a field role?

Martin McLean reflects on whether it is possible to train remote technicians to solve customer issues as effectively as those who have a previous background working in field service.

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Do we want our most experienced technicians in the field or remote service specialists?

Martin McLean draws on his experience as a technician both in the field and now as a remote service specialist to reflect on a critical question – where do we place our most experienced technicians?

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Overcoming potential customer barriers to adopting remote service tools?

Martin McClean talks us through how he personally approaches overcoming any barrier to remote service his customers have

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How are customers reacting to Konica Minolta’s remote-first policy?

Martin McClean reflects on how customers have reacted to Konica Minolta’s shift to a remote-first-as-a-default policy

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The role that development and trust can play in workforce retention

Martin McClean explains how being involved in development projects has been pivotal in maintaining his passion for his role

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Interview: Understanding the transition to remote service delivery from the technician’s perspective

We take a pragmatic look at the day to day use of remote service tools as we speak to Martin McClean, Remote Service Specialist, with Konica Minolta.

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