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Field Service Teams using AR-Based Visual Support are Disturbed Less While on Holiday. But How?

Learn more about AR-Based Visual Support tools like AIRe Link. How they improve field service knowledge sharing and best of all lead to more relaxing un-disturbed holidays.

Employees of the field service industry will know the all-too-common buzz of a work phone ringing whilst relaxing on their hard-earned holiday.

It’s a service colleague with a technical issue that only they have the knowledge to resolve. Everyone’s worst nightmare.

How AR-Based Visual Support Helps

Augmented reality-based visual support is mostly commonly used by field service teams for remote technical fixes that otherwise would require an on-site visit. It makes sense then, that this technology can be used to help colleagues when on holiday. Alternatively, as this article will outline, we can even eliminate the need to be contacted whilst relaxing with increased knowledge sharing features. Teams are improving knowledge sharing in the field service industry, improving internal efficiency, customer satisfaction rates and best of creating un-disturbed holidays.

Ways to improve field service knowledge sharing using AR-Based Visual Support

Get the most from Customer Sessions with Media Saves

Remote support tools such as AIRe Link provide technicians a wide range of features that can be used to assist customers more efficiently, while providing a more streamline experience. Media can be created in-terms of; annotated screenshots, videos, audio recordings and more used to help the customer resolve their issue.

In addition to solving customer issues, media created can be saved and stored in shared libraries. Other team members can access these resources for future customer interactions.

Collect Valuable Data and Export as CSV or to Excel

When using remote visual support tools teams often find valuable data on their dashboard. With AIRe Link this data shows you information such as: the average time taken per session, estimated c02 emissions saved, number of resolved sessions and more. Knowledge sharing can be extended past those with access to the AIRe Link platform. Simply export the data as a CSV or Excel file to share externally with other departments. Now that’s Improved Knowledge Sharing!

Create Technical Media Libraries before Holiday

As mentioned above, technicians have access to shared media libraries. It is recommended before going on holiday to create technical documentation highlighting how to resolve the most common problems. Media such as Videos, Annotated Images, Audio Files and more can be stored within the media library. Now when field service colleagues run into problems they cannot resolve, instead of reaching to disturb your holiday, they access the media library for the solution.

More Efficient Staff Training

Not only can shared media libraries be used to give you peace of mind while on holiday, but they also serve as a great educational resource for new and existing team members. New team members can learn from real examples and really get to understand how the business operates. Existing technicians and engineers unfamiliar with specific tasks can train themselves using the shared media or refer back to when unsure about a specific component.

Field Service Knowledge for All

Knowledge sharing within field service doesn’t have to be just internal. AIRe Link Forums provide an excellent way for field service industry players to connect, exchange ideas, get support and learn more about augmented reality-based visual support together. It’s recommended to checkout AIRe Link Forum to expand your knowledge sharing.

Worst Case Scenario

From time to time the technical documentation might not resolve a field service colleagues problem to which you might need to provide support. Not to worry, you no longer have to think about leaving your holiday to take the next plane back to fix crucial business machinery. Help can be given through the remote visual support tool AIRe Link. Simply connect and provide your expertise to resolve the issue at hand.

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