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Professional Service Teams are Switching from WhatsApp to AR-Based Visual Support Tools! But why?

Find out why professional service teams are opting to use AR-Based Visual Support Tools and what potential risks there are to using private chat apps like WhatsApp.

Private chat apps like WhatsApp are often used by service teams to help resolve complex technical issues for customers or colleagues remotely.

 While offering a fast temporary fix to a bigger problem, private chat apps are not always secure often lacking the professional feel customers desire from a permanent solution.

Why struggle when remote visual support tools solve technical issues faster! Continue reading to find out why private chat apps should be avoided and why you should switch to augmented reality-based visual support for future maintenance issues.

Risks Private Chat Apps Pose!

Increased Risk of Error!

When helping customers through private chat apps professional services teams might find trying to point out a specific piece of equipment to be nerve-racking. Most machines contain look-a-like components which can boost the chance of confusion between technicians and engineers increasing the risk of an error occurring. Imagine engineers “repairing” the wrong component creating more damage!

Potential GDPR & Privacy Policy Infringements

Without realizing professional service teams using private chat apps might find themselves infringing their privacy policy or worse EU GDPR Privacy Laws! Upon switching the camera on in a workplace you risk sharing with the third-party private chat app confidential customer data or business practices, which have not been approved by the privacy policy or GDPR. It’s best to stick with GDPR-compliant AR-Based visual support tools when conducting remote visual support!

Damage to your Brand

Brand damage is a risk service teams should take into consideration when using private chat apps to resolve customer issues remotely. It’s best to use AR-Based visual support tools that add credibility and an element of professionalism that customers won’t find using WhatsApp. According to research conducted by Gartner technicians and engineers tasked with solving customer issues are already being assisted by AR-Based visual support tools!

Innovations such as AR-Based visual support should not be overlooked by service teams. As competitors adopt new tools your business will be left behind with customers finding better quality services elsewhere. Don’t damage your brand by ignoring technical advancements within remote visual support!

What makes AR-Based Visual Support Tools Attractive!

It’s no surprise AR-Based visual support tools like AIRe Link offer more features than private chat apps for remote visual support use. Technicians and engineers provided the proper tools to conduct their jobs often operate more efficiently at a higher standard. Here we have outlined a few benefits that professional service teams first notice when using remote visual support tools.

Valuable Statistical Data

Want to see the clear picture? Valuable statistical data collected when using AR-Based visual support tools lets service teams see how many issues occurred, the types of errors, most common, how many were resolved, and even customer feedback from the end of support sessions.

Now you can’t get that from private chat apps like WhatsApp! Not to mention tools like AIRe Link allow for engineer or service team member tracking to see who your best performers are!


On-screen Visual Assistance

As before mentioned, service teams using private chat apps for technical issues are at risk of causing more damage due to confusion. That’s not the case with augmented reality-based visual support like AIRe Link. Built-in visual assistance tools such as the live pointer can be used to highlight specific machine parts to clarify confusion between technicians and engineers. 

Want to clarify in more detail? Switch to the drawing annotation tool. Now outline more clearly elements that require repairs and attention. Finally, a way to reduce the risk of human error and benefit from more efficient accurate repairs. 


The question of affordability arises when new business tools are mentioned with a common misconception being AR-Based visual support is expensive. In fact, the opposite is true when we look at tools such as AIRe Link offering inexpensive packages for all. Plans are perfect regardless of business size, everyone is welcome from small, medium to even large-scale operations.  


When it comes to pricing and the cost of AR-Based visual support tools many overlook the economic cost-saving factors at play from utilizing such technology. It turns out many field service teams reduce costs each year because of fewer engineer callouts, super-efficient repairs, and more. Why continue paying for expensive engineer callouts when more economical, efficient solutions exist? 

Reduces Carbon Footprint

It’s no surprise the field service industry could use technology to help reduce carbon footprints as the global landscape changes. Switching to remote visual support not only saves money from fewer engineer callouts it helps save the planet. Just think of all the engineers communicating to customer sites and the impact their carbon has. Now your business can benefit from new technologies while helping to save the planet at the same time! 

What the future holds

When we look at what the future holds for technologies such as AR-Based visual support it is clear to see only improvements made. In fact, AIRe Link envisions the future in which engineers utilize smart glasses for remote support instead of a standard tablet or smartphone! When thinking about potential future transitions its best service teams start now to get ahead of the curve. Book a free demonstration today and start learning more. 

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