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Manufacturing Companies Will Not Survive without AR-Based Remote Visual Support. But Why?

Learn about the benefits AR-Based remote visual support provides and why manufacturing companies will not survive without it.

Each year manufacturing companies on average spend over $1 Trillion on machine failure alone, according to a Senseye report.

As you can imagine that’s a lot of money spent on the upkeep of machinery alone. It makes sense then that when manufacturers decide on new equipment to procure, upkeep, maintenance and reliability are elements that require judgment.

One of the newest advancements manufacturing companies will not survive without is AR-based visual support. The new technology is responsible for improving service and support performance indicators such as first-time fix ratio, unexpected downtime, time-to-fix, engineer visit avoidance and much more. Augmented Reality-based visual support assists technical staff in providing their skills and expertise to field engineers or customers currently operating on equipment. Best of all connections can be established remotely from anywhere in the world within minutes.

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late!

The future of support for manufacturing companies and field service teams is already here. It turns out when asked “what new technology investments are you currently planning to make?” 26% out of nearly one hundred service executives said “Visual Support Technologies (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality)” surprisingly beating categories such as Artificial Intelligence. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Learn more about AR-Based visual support and the benefits it provides.

Why Manufacturing Companies need AR-Based Remote Visual Support?

Augmented reality-based visual support provides manufacturing companies with a range of benefits from better knowledge sharing, reduced operating costs, improved efficiency, and that’s just the start. No wonder manufacturing companies will not survive if they don’t implement cutting-edge technology.

Improved Efficiency

Adopting the remote first approach with AR-Based remote visual support tools such as AIRe Link leads to improved efficiency and reduced costs. Assessing situations remotely allows the technician to diagnose faults and even fix them without the need for an on-site visit. In the event an engineer callout is required to provide a resolution the beforehand remote diagnoses can provide in-sight. The correct tools and spare parts can even be ordered in advance truly leading to an efficient repair and more importantly, satisfied customers.

Reduce Running Costs

Running costs can be reduced using augmented reality-based remote visual support tools to resolve issues faster preventing machine downtime, increase efficiency amongst team members, reduce engineer callouts and more. Machine downtime cost money in loss production while engineer callouts require travel, accommodation and other fees which can be reduced using the new technologies.

Increased Knowledge Sharing

Manufacturing companies now have the ability to increase knowledge sharing between technicians, engineers, customers, and other team members. The best procedure for resolving specific issues can be created as documentation stored and accessible by staff when required. As a result higher quality repairs are likely to be undertaken as staff following guides are less likely to make mistakes with the option for on the job training to occur.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance is of top priority for a wide range of businesses not just manufacturing companies. That’s why it’s important to take into consideration your obligation when selecting a tool for remote support. On occasion manufacturing companies might opt to use services like WhatsApp or FaceTime however these leave you vulnerable to breaching GDPR.

It’s best to use a professional augmented reality-based visual support tool that’s secure and GDPR compliant such as AIRe Link to keep your customers and business safe.

Quicker Fixes

Quicker fixes can be achieved when utilizing the above mentioned remote first approach with AR-Based remote visual support. Not only can you ensure engineers are ready with all the equipment they require before an on-site visit, but you could also end up resolving issues entirely remotely resulting in happier customers and less downtime for machinery.

Understandable Reporting

When using AR-Based remote visual support services such as AIRe Link, valuable data is collected and displayed within your dashboard. Easily understandable, from a simple glance understand complex statistics such as the most common issue fixed, amount of support tickets, customer feedback and much more. Finally, a way to understand your current needs to make better business discissions.

Increased Profits

It’s no surprised that manufacturing companies using augmented reality-based remote visual support have increased profits compared to when they did not. Reduce costs associated with machine downtime, long fixes, increased engineer callouts and more can help your manufacturing company turn a larger profit. It makes sense to invest in AR-based remote visual support as manufacturing competitors become more technological.

Recruit Knowledgeable Employees

It’s a well-known fact the most knowledgeable employees select the companies they want to work for. Utilizing state of the arc technology to assist your support teams makes your manufacturing company more attractive to knowledgeable recruits. Being able to attract the best talent from around the world helps businesses strive.

Get to know more! Want to learn more about augmented reality-based remote visual support? Book a guided demo of the AIRe Link platform. Let an expert guide you through the platform highlighting how to use tools while answering questions you might have. Your competitors are looking at AR-Based visual remote support so why shouldn’t you?

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