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Field Service News: Industry Interview – Giles Margerison, TomTom Telematics

Sep 30 • 1316 Views • Comments Off

Field Service News Editor Kris Oldland, speaks exclusively to TomTom Telematics Director Giles Margerison about the challenges Field Service organisations are facing


Ford and Telogis expand exclusive partnership to deliver next-generation telematics to Ford customers in Europe

Ford Motor Company and Telogis launched “Ford Telematics powered by Telogis” yesterday, providing actionable information from

Sep 23 • 508 Views


The legal cost of compromising your drivers’ safety and how telematics can help

In the wake of a BBC Panorama documentary highlighting the dangers of cognitive distraction among motorists, TomTom Telematics Director UK

Sep 17 • 1018 Views

Hardware Hardware


Developing an end-to-end field service technology road map: Part Three – Getting the right mobile device for your field engineers

Sep 30 • 1018 Views • Comments Off

As we continue our series on end-to-end field service we’re pleased to bring you an excellent interview with Field Aware’s Shirlene Spillers that first


Recent cyber security breaches could pave the way from BYOD to CYOD

Cyber-security has returned to national front pages again this last year. Heartbleed & CyberVor have become common

Sep 29 • 1499 Views


Function that supports process: considerations for selecting the right rugged tablet

If we are to select the right mobile device we must look at both the environment and the application to make the

Sep 26 • 604 Views

Logistics Logistics


Service Logistics expert BDA defies disruptive roadworks to deliver on time

Aug 7 • 330 Views • Comments Off

A specialist time critical logistics provider in the UK is overcoming nightly battles against ongoing roadworks to record successful on-time delivery of goods from

change track

Can we change from fixed to variable service supply chain costs and still deliver a service?

Glyn Dodd, Managing Director of Centrex Services looks at if we can re-invent the service supply chain cost model before it becomes to

Aug 5 • 536 Views


The service supply chain battlefield – Part Two: The importance of the front line

Glyn Dodd, Managing Director of Centrex Services returns to Field Service News with a new two part feature that outlines his battle plan

Jun 1 • 652 Views

Management Management


Understanding and applying effective Change Management: Part Three engaging the head and the heart

Sep 24 • 1453 Views • Comments Off

Our exclusive series looking at Change Management written by Field Service News Editor Kris Oldland continues as we look at engaging with individuals on the emotional

Field Service News Industry Interviews: Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce, Part Three

Field Service News Industry Interviews: Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce, Part Three

Part Three of an exclusive Field Service News interview with Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce. Here Dave speaks about how he

Sep 23 • 1219 Views


Understanding and applying effective Change Management: Part Two Assessing the change.

Our exclusive series looking at Change Management written by Field Service News Editor Kris Oldland continues with a

Sep 15 • 1238 Views

Software & Apps Software & Apps

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INFOGRPAHIC: Gamification in business

Sep 30 • 570 Views • Comments Off

ClickSoftware have created this great infographic looking at the uses of Gamification within businesses and how it has evolved throughout the years. Some key points

Tesseract bus on the road2

Service management software provider Tesseract hit the road

The team at service management specialist software provider Tesseract are in for a busy October as they take to the road to showcase their

Sep 26 • 172 Views


White Paper: Which field service solution is right for your business: end-to-end or best-of-breed

Resource Type: White Paper Published by: Advanced Field Solutions Title:  Which Solution is right for your business: End-to-end or

Sep 19 • 745 Views

Future Technology Future Technology

in-vehicle app

In-Vehicle app integration commonplace within five years

Aug 28 • 940 Views • Comments Off

A recent report into the telematics sector undertaken by Juniper Research has identified that in-vehicle apps is anticipated to reach almost 270 million within the next

old phone

The Contact Centre of Tomorrow: 5 ways it will be different

The contact centre remains an important asset to many field service organisations, but like field service itself the

Aug 27 • 731 Views

The Mobility of Things Banner

Upcoming Event: The Mobility of Things – Enterprise Mobility Management

Lets be honest its no longer a question of if our companies’ go mobile it is now a case of when… and if you want to

Aug 21 • 840 Views



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