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Can we train remote technicians if they have never worked within a field role?

Martin McLean reflects on whether it is possible to train remote technicians to solve customer issues as effectively as those who have a previous background working in field service.

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Do we want our most experienced technicians in the field or remote service specialists?

Martin McLean draws on his experience as a technician both in the field and now as a remote service specialist to reflect on a critical question – where do we place our most experienced technicians?

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Overcoming potential customer barriers to adopting remote service tools?

Martin McClean talks us through how he personally approaches overcoming any barrier to remote service his customers have

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How are customers reacting to Konica Minolta’s remote-first policy?

Martin McClean reflects on how customers have reacted to Konica Minolta’s shift to a remote-first-as-a-default policy

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The role that development and trust can play in workforce retention

Martin McClean explains how being involved in development projects has been pivotal in maintaining his passion for his role

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How Konica Minolta is fostering a culture of intrapreneurship within the workforce

Martin McClean explains how through a series of dedicated initiatives Konica Minolta is fostering a culture of intrapreneurship within the technician workforce

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Konica Minolta announces global commitment with RealWear for the deployment of AIRe Link on RealWear headsets

The partnership extends Konica Minolta’s use of its acclaimed remote visual support tool AIRe Link on smartphones and tablets for use with award-winning RealWear headsets.

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How to Make your Remote Support Team Super-Efficient

The secret to making super-efficient remote support teams is having the right hierarchy paired with the right process and tools. Check out our top tips to make your remote support team super-efficien

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Manufacturing Companies Will Not Survive without AR-Based Remote Visual Support. But Why?

Learn about the benefits AR-Based remote visual support provides and why manufacturing companies will not survive without it.

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Field Service Teams using AR-Based Visual Support are Disturbed Less While on Holiday. But How?

Learn more about AR-Based Visual Support tools like AIRe Link. How they improve field service knowledge sharing and best of all lead to more relaxing un-disturbed holidays.

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