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The Critical Role of Analytics in 2019

One Step Ahead… Steve Mason from FieldAware outlines the importance of technology evolution in your service offering. As a company’s overall field service maturity evolves, one way to move operational maturity to the next level is to invest in technology. Organizations setting out to implement a field service management solution...

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Video Report: Is data a fundamental building block of service excellence? (2019)

Video Report: Is data a fundamental building block of service excellence? (2019) We often hear that data is the new oil of the twenty-first century, but does that hold true within a field service context? In this in-depth session from 2019, featuring Cognito’s David Webb and Dave Bochenski as well as Konica Minolta Head of …...

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Measuring What Matters…

Overcoming Field Service Challenges In Facilities And Property Management Steve Wellen, CEO of FieldAware outlines the evolution of analytics and how field service organisations are reaping the benefits… Research into field service management consistently shows that when respondents are asked what they are...

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Field Service Leaders Interviews: Scott Berg, ServiceMax (part two)

In part one of this exclusive interview with ServiceMax COO Scott Berg we looked at the the similarities between widely differing industries, the rapid rise of ServiceMax and why the IoT hasn’t quite got fully up to speed as yet. Here in this second section of the interview we begin with the another key significant …...

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