Month: July 2022

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Is Transparency the Key Factor in Establishing Genuine Partnership-Based Relationships?

Is Transparency the Key Factor in Establishing Genuine Partnership-Based Relationships? In October 2021, Field Service News hosted the inaugural European Field Service Awards to celebrate the ingenuity and excellence of an industry that had kept the world turning as the pandemic swept across the globe. Among many interesting entries in...

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Why Your Business Needs a Service Intelligence Platform

Discover what a service intelligence platform is, how it works, and how it can help improve efficiency and customer experience for service organizations of any size.

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Research by Allison Transmission shows fleets could cut fuel bills by specifying different axle ratios

Simulation results showing up to 3% fuel savings encourage Biffa to change the specification of 38 new trade refuse collection trucks

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Durabook Adds Intel’s 12th Gen CPU to Its R11 Fully Rugged Tablet

Durabook announced significant updates to its R11 fully rugged tablet, achieving a world-first with its 11.6” fully rugged device featuring the latest 12th Gen Intel® processor and architectural innovations to elevate the user experience.

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Are we only just starting to scratch the surface of what we can achieve with connected field service?  

How much further can we go with the effective use of asset data driving a true revolution in field service operations, and what are the barriers holding us back?

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Why Digital Transformation Is Continuous Improvement Methodology

Chris Craggs, CEO of MCFT, discusses digital transformation and outlines how the solution his company developed is based both on customer needs and operational needs.

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Interview: Customer Success Through Vertically Differentiated Product Leadership, ft. Jim Darragh, Totalmobile

Jim Darragh, CEO, TotalMobile, joins Kris Oldland to discuss the parallels between customer success within the software sector and servitization in field service

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Professional Service Teams are Switching from WhatsApp to AR-Based Visual Support Tools! But why?

Find out why professional service teams are opting to use AR-Based Visual Support Tools and what potential risks there are to using private chat apps like WhatsApp.

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How to Improve Performance Measurement in Field Service with Service Intelligence

Field service and its workforce are evolving—and at a rapid pace. Today, it’s more important than ever to understand if your performance management methods are evolving to fit these new needs.  If you had to answer a few key questions about your service organization, would you be able to do so without manually pulling...

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What is the Role of the non-OEM in Servitization

What is the Role of the non-OEM in Servitization Whilst companies shift from strictly new product sales to instead selling the outcome a product delivers, its an embodiment of change. As we know regardless of the circumstances, change can be unnerving. The manufacturing industry in particular has remained relatively unchanged for...

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